Thesis Submission Policies

There are several key stages which PGRs need to go through when submitting the thesis.  The Faculty held a ‘Thesis Submission Briefing’ yesterday to outline the UoM’s policies and procedures for thesis submission.  I will outline some of these policies briefly here:

Notice of Submission

All PGRs must complete a ‘Notice of Submission Form’ which is available from the PGR Office in every school.  Notice of submission must be given no more than 6 months and no less than 6 weeks prior to submission of the thesis and you must give the exact date that you will submit.  Notice must be given in order to give the Graduate Office enough time to approach and recruit internal and external examiners and to make arrangements for the Viva.  It is worthwhile consulting your supervisor(s) when you are nearing completion, although their opinion on when to submit is only advisory.

Thesis submission

Your thesis must be submitted electronically in Portable Document Format (PDF) to the Manchester eScholar institutional electronic theses and dissertations repository.  In addition to this you must also submit 2 identical paper copies of the thesis to the appropriate School PGR Office.

Thesis Format

The UoM has a Guidance on the Presentation of Theses policy (November, 2008) which outlines the correct procedures for formatting doctoral theses.  Your thesis should be:

  • Double or 1.5 spacing
  • The font type should be readable – 10 point Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Trebuchet or 12 point Times, Times New Roman, Palatino and Garamond
  • Single spacing may be used for quotations, footnotes and references
  • Pages may be single or double-sided
  • Bibliographic citations and references must be consistent; please consult your supervisor
  • Margin at the binding edge should be not less than 40mm
  • Page numbering must be one single sequence of Arabic numerals (i.e. 1, 2, 3…) starting with the title page as number 1
  • Page numbers must be displayed on all pages EXCEPT the title page
  • Pagination sequence should include not only the text but also preliminary pages, diagrams, tables, figures, illustrations, appendices, references etc.
  • Roman numerals MUST NOT be used for page numbering

Required Pages

There are several page which are required to be inserted at the beginning of the thesis.  It is advisable to get hold of a recent UoM doctoral thesis to have a look at the proper format.

TITLE PAGE – the title page should include:

  • The full title of the thesis
  • A statement as follows: “A thesis submitted to the University of Manchester for the degree of (xxx) in the Faculty of Humanities”
  • The year of presentation
  • The candidate’s name
  • The name of the School/Division


  • Giving all relevant sub-divisions of the thesis and a page number for each item.


  • List of tables, figures, diagrams, photographs, abbreviations


  • A short abstract of the contents of the thesis must be inserted into the thesis.  It must not be more than one side of A4.
  • A loose copy of the abstract is also required
  • The abstract should include the name of the University, the candidate’s full name, degree title, thesis title and date
  • The font size should be no less than 12 point
  • It should be single spaced typing
  • It should be no more than one side of A4


  • Stating that no portion of the work referred to in the thesis has been submitted in support of an application for another degree or qualification of this or any other University or other institute of learning


  • The four copyright statements on page 7 of the Guidance on the Presentation of Theses should be included in the thesis

Other Pages

There are other, non compulsory pages, which can be included in a PhD.  These include a dedication, acknowledgements, a list of abbreviations and similar.  These should appear after the compulsory pages listed above.  It is helpful to include a brief statement about the author – your degree(s), research experience, any publications etc.  This will help the external examiner to understand how you approached your research topic.

Binding and Presentation

For examination (Viva) the doctoral thesis can either be soft or hard bound.  Soft binding consists of an acetate or plain card front cover, soft plain card rear cover, glued spine, or channel bound, with gold lettering on the spine.  Hard binding is where the thesis is covered in hard back, sewn or glued with gold lettering on the spine.  AFTER examination the thesis must be hard bound.

The spine must be inscribed in gold lettering with the degree for which the thesis is submitted, the name of the candidate, the year of submission and if the thesis is 2 or more volumes, the volume number and total number of volumes.  These must run from the top of the spine downwards.  Guidance on this can be found on page 8 of the Presentation of Theses policy.

It is advisable to contact the Thesis Binding Service in advance of your submission to check that it can be printed and bound in sufficient time and they are well-versed in the requirements for PhD’s submitted at the University of Manchester.

Examination Policies

For more information on the outcome of examinations and corrections to the thesis please consult the Examination of Doctoral Degrees Policy (September 2009).

Best of luck!



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