Postgraduate Online Workshop

CEEBL is proud to announce its Postgraduate Online Workshop for Enquiry-Based Learning.  The course begins on Friday 19th February 2010 and runs for six weeks.

The workshop

Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL) is often used in tutorials and other small groups to increase student enthusiasm and participation, and has been shown to lead to better learning outcomes.  The tutors’ role in EBL is as a facilitator, setting goals and providing exercises to enable students to complete a given task.  The online workshop allows you to work toward developing your skills as a teacher and facilitator over a longer period of time (6 weeks, including the introductory week starting on the 19th February) than just a one half-day session; it also means that you have a chance to read some significant essays focused on EBL as a pedagogical practice, as well as get more experience with the theory of EBL in both assigned and suggested readings.  In addition, in the discussion sections, you will have a chance to share your own ideas, as developed in reflective essays, with fellow students.  Although there will be no formal assessment for your work, you will receive significant feedback on your essays from the tutor(s), as well as have opportunities to explore other ideas related to your teaching.  This online component can be taken alone or in conjunction with the other three face-to-face workshops.

Who should enrol?

The workshop is specially targeted to postgraduates and other GTAs who run tutorials/small group exercises and who want to improve their skills as facilitators.  No previous experience of EBL is needed – just a willingness to do some reading, writing and sharing of reflective essays about teaching and engagement, as well as participating in online discussions.

What you can expect

  • This workshop will provide some practical training on how to design and deliver EBL-style exercises and activities.
  • It will demonstrate the effectiveness of EBL as a teaching method and encourage you to use it effectively in your own teaching.
  • It is structured around the EBL process itself – and includes a focus on small group work, facilitation, and independent, as well as collaborative learning.
  • An offer of a certificate of completion if you satisfactorily finish the assessed (formative) component of this online workshop, as well as attend the three face–to-face sessions (the session on triggers, our general workshop, and a third on effective communication in small groups).

All workshops complement CEEBL’s ‘A Guide to the Facilitation of Enquiry-Based Learning for Graduates’ – written by postgraduates, for postgraduates.  The booklet is available from

The online workshop will be available through Black Board for zero credit and facilitated by Frank Manista, the CEEBL Learning Development Officer.

NB: The new 6 week online GTA training workshop is not a substitute for other required Faculty- or School-based training, such as the Humanities GTA  training course.  If you have any questions regarding those programmes, please consult with the appropriate advisor or member of staff.

How to enrol

Contact Frank Manista ( stating your name, email-address and student username for enrolment.  Please note that the course is open only to the first 20 students.

We hope you will consider enrolling!


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