Editorial Opportunities for the University’s STEPS Newsletter for PGR Students

Editorial Opportunities for the University’s STEPS Newsletter for PGR Students

STEPS is a high profile University – wide Newsletter that focuses on skills training essentials for postgraduate researchers (latest edition attached). It is written by postgraduate researchers for postgraduate researchers and contains up-to-date news on topics such as funding opportunities, conferences, events and opportunities to enhance research careers.

The Newsletter is distributed to all postgraduate researchers and to all central training and service providers (such as Careers, Library and UMIP) and the University’s senior management. It is published quarterly by an Editorial Team made up of postgraduate researchers recruited from each Faculty. There is also an active STEPS blog and Twitter that complements the Newsletter.

As an Editorial Team member you would be expected to:

  • Work closely with other members of the Editorial Team (up to two postgraduate researchers from each Faculty plus one Faculty Skills Trainer and the central Skills Development Coordinator) that undertakes all aspects of publication including:
    • Generating ideas for content;
    • Writing/commissioning articles;
    • Editorial appraisal of submitted contributions;
    • Proof reading;
    • Laying out the first proof and liaising with the University’s Design Studio on matters of design and format;
  • Attend Editorial Team meetings (up to 8 per year of 2 hours duration)
  • Positively promote the Newsletter in their Schools & Faculties;
  • Help to identify and attend promotional opportunities e.g. the annual STEPS tea party, induction events, PGR fairs, Pathways etc;
  • Contribute to the STEPS blog (see http://manchestersteps.wordpress.com/) and, when required, Twitter (http://twitter.com/manchestersteps)

Other points of information include:

  • It is estimated that each editor will need to contribute approx. 2 hours per month over and above the time need to attend editorial meetings;
  • It is expected that an editor will make a commitment of at least one academic year to the post, in this instance Oct 2010 – Sept 2011;

But don’t be put off; the benefits of becoming a STEPS editor are many! It is a great opportunity to help shape and report on postgraduate training and development opportunities. As an editor, you will also be helping to build a community voice for postgraduate researchers at Manchester, whilst raising your own profile. It is also a great hands on experience to develop your team work, negotiation and communication skills.


Please submit an application, including a statement of why you are interested in becoming a STEPS editor, any relevant experience and the skills you would bring to the post, by midnight Tuesday October 5th to Dr Mark Leech, mark.j.leech@manchester.ac.uk, to whom informal enquires of interest can be made.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed on Friday 8 October.


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