Social Sciences at the BL – Did You Know?

Social Sciences at the British Library: Did you know?

· The Social Science team at the British Library has been in place since 2007. We have a large team of curators across the social sciences to support your research.

· Our collections include newspapers, magazines, oral history interviews, images, music and manuscripts as well as journals, books and electronic journals and databases.

· It is easier than ever before to access our collections. Find out how to get a reader pass here.

· You can access a range of up-to-date resources on Management and Business Studies from your desk via our Management and Business Studies Portal.

· We run yearly training days for first year PhD students to introduce you to our collections.

· We run many social science events across the year, often with academic partners. To find out more visit our social science events pages.

· We want to keep in touch with you and your research needs. Please follow us on Twitter:

@britishlibrary (Main BL)

@BLSarahEvans (Engagement Development Officer, Social Sciences)

@BLRobertDavies (Engagement Support Officer, Social Sciences)

@JohnKayeBL (Lead Curator, Datasets, Social Sciences)


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