Working with Digital Archives

‘Working with digital archives’, research workshop organised by Manchester Digital Media Network and sponsored by Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures. 17 March 2011, 3-6pm, University Place 4,211. Attendance is free. Tea and coffee will be provided.

This half-day workshop explores technical, methodological and cultural issues associated with increasing use of digital data and in particular, digital archives, in academic research. Full abstracts of presentations are available here

**3-4.20 pm Session 1 Tools, techniques and data management**

  • Digital archives: tools, data sets, cultural fields?  Introduction and welcome Adi Kuntsman, Manchester Digital Media Network
  • An overview of the University’s recent work on Data Storage Archiving and Curation, Carmel T. Dickinson, Manchester Informatics
  • Global Threads Sally Olding, The Whitworth Art Gallery

**4.20-4.50 pm coffee break**

**4.50-6 pm Session 2 Methods, dilemmas and cultural contexts**

  • Using blogs to explore the presentation of experience: balancing methodological potential and pragmatism Helene Snee, School of Social Sciences
  • Digital Archives, Media Convergence and the Dilemmas of Meaning in the Russian Context, Stephen Hutchings, School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures

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