Social Anthropology with Methods@Manchester

Social Anthropology with methods@manchester

Ethnography at Work Showcase

This workshop is designed to be taken by 3rd year undergraduates and postgraduate students who are interested in how ethnographic methods might be used in applied settings whether that is in business, government or development contexts.  You will receive short introductory talks from academic and applied specialists on various aspects of the project development process before splitting off into groups to work on case studies. The aim is to give you a practical sense of the kind of challenges and opportunities associated with using anthropological methods in a variety of applied settings.

Overview of the workshop:

Why Ethnography? In this session ethnography is introduced as a means of researching and writing about social life.

Planning and Developing a Project. In this session students are introduced to the techniquesof how to design, develop and sell a research proposal.

Running a Project and Doing Fieldwork. In this session students are introduced to the issues and problems raised by conducting ethnographic research,including access issues and ethical issues.

Analysing ethnographic data and writing a report. In this section students are introduced to some of the problems faced with translating field data into a report.

Click here for the workshop poster: methods@manchester ethnomethods poster

Places are limited so if you are interested in taking part please register at:


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