New Edition of STEPS Magazine

NEW Edition of STEPS Magazine

The new edition of STEPS magazine is now available to download – the new issue focuses on Postgraduate Careers and the PDF can be found here:

The primary objective of STEPS is to keep postgraduate researchers updated on opportunities for researcher development and other development activities which may be of interest.  More than this though, it offers a platform for researchers to share their experiences and to voice their opinions on a range of issues no matter what the focus of their work is or where they are based.  By putting postgraduate researchers in touch with each other in this way and by spotlighting the issues that affect them, the STEPS team hope that the newsletter will help to enhance the institutional research community and raise its profile across the University.

The STEPS blog and the quarterly STEPS newsletter are edited by a team of postgraduate researchers at Manchester.

STEPS is written by postgraduates for postgraduates so we welcome your thoughts and experiences. You can submit an article for the newsletter or blog ( for details) and/or add your comments to the blog:


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