Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships 2012–2013

Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships 2012–2013
Kennedy Memorial TrustFellowships are available for five graduate students, men or women from the United Kingdom, to study for up to two consecutive years in one of the Faculties of Harvard.

The value of each Fellowship is at least $25,000 plus tuition and health service fees.

Information about the fellowships can be found on:

The competition is open to British citizens at the time of application normally resident in the UK who wish to attend the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Business School, Graduate School of Design, Harvard Divinity School, Graduate School of Education, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Law School and Harvard School of Public Health and:

– are studying for a first or higher degree & will graduate in the academic year 2011-12; OR
– are a UK-registered PhD student hoping for an additional year as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard; OR
– have completed a first or higher degree and graduated most recently no earlier than 2007.

Details of the competition and an application form to be completed online can be found on:

Applications close: midnight, Sunday 30 October 2011.


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