Manchester GRAD School 2012 – Applications Now Invited

Manchester GRADschool 2012 – Applications Now Invited 

Audience: Postgraduate Researchers

The Manchester GRADschool is an annual event on our calendar of opportunities for postgraduate researchers from across the UK. This year’s theme explores Research Impact – Engagement, Policy & Social Media. The GRADschool will take place 1-4 May 2012, at The University of Manchester.

Event overview

Making in impact inside and outside of academia is an important skill for today’s effective researcher. In fact for many UK grant and fellowship applications the ability to consider and demonstrate how you will achieve excellence with research impact is essential criteria. From academic impact to engagement, policy and social media, this 3.5 days, interactive, non-residential, GRADschool, hosted by The University of Manchester, gives you the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with researchers from a range of disciplines and backgrounds
  • Explore what impact means in the research environment and beyond for society, economy, and people.
  • Develop your personal effectiveness and enhance a host of skills including – communication, team working, project planning, and decision-making.
  • Challenge your assumptions and raise your self and social awareness.
  • Develop your creative and innovative capabilities and produce an impact resource for use by other early career researchers.

Keynote speaker

All that and our keynote speaker is Dr Inger Mewburn – aka the Thesis Whisperer – check out the blog ( or follow @thesiswhisperer on Twitter). Inger will share her thoughts and experience on using social media to make an impact. Inger is employed at RMIT in Melbourne to support research students. However she does far more than that. Through her blog and through personal contacts, often using social media, she supports and gives wise counsel to graduate researchers throughout the world. This is one talk you do not want to miss!

Find out more and apply at:

Applications of interest are open until Wednesday 25 April 2012.


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