Research Matters (REMINDER): Funds of knowledge in and out of school 17th Sept

Funds of knowledge in and out of school (Critical Pedagogies research showcase)

Wednesday 17th September, 12-2pm, Room A2.16 Ellen Wilkinson Building

With input from Laura Black, Rebecca Philips, Andy Howes, and Julian Williams

This seminar will report on several CP projects that seek to engage schooling with relevant ‘funds of knowledge’ in the community (families, workplaces, etc.). We seek to stimulate thinking across the Institute and School. Laura will introduce some of the background literature (Moll, Guttierez, etc.) and explain how ‘funds of knowledge’ provides a perspective for her proposed classroom research. Rebecca will illustrate the concepts using some data from her PhD study  which poses a question for our discussion: “how can schooling access knowledge from community?”

In the second half of the seminar Andy will describe some pilot work with schools, teachers and parents seeking to identify useful knowledge that might be brought into school, and Julian will offer a Bourdieusian critique, posing the question “can/how can schools benefit from community cultures in ‘poor’ as well as relatively ‘rich’ communities?”

There will be many in MIE (maybe beyond?) who are interested in school-community links, and might therefore be interested in how our work in CP is approaching these links as a potential resource for critiqueing curriculum and pedagogy.


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