Ancient Law reading group 2014 autumn semester

2014 Autumn Semester
Wednesday 5pm, fortnightly
Samuel Alexander building, South Wing 2.2
The University of Manchester

First session: 1 October
The newly established “Ancient law reading group” seeks to provide a platform of learning and discussion for people interested in the broadly defined field of law in ancient times. We are particularly interested in any points of comparison and contrast between the legal thought (and implications thereof) of different societies and encourage all approaches (e.g. philosophical, legal, socio-historical, philological, literary).


1 October: Talmud (Marton Ribary)
15 October: Roman law – slavery (Sam Jones)
12 November: The Theodosian Code (Melissa Markauskas)
26 November: Roman law – abortion (Rachel Plummer)
10 December: Kafka’s Before the law (Will Simms’ Christmas special)

Method: The sessions require no prior preparations from the participants. We would focus on the close reading of a short excerpt with the session leader orchestrating the discussion and introducing the participants to the linguistic and methodological issues of his/her own field.

Spring term: We would like to continue our reading group in the Spring term to explore further ancient legal cultures such as Ancient Greece, Ancient Near East, Biblical Law, Early Canon Law, Early Islam, Zoroastrianism, Celts, Gauls and other neighbouring cultures of Rome. The list is purely indicative, and is by no means exhaustive. People studying ancient legal cultures are encouraged to join our group, and offer a session introducing their field.

The reading group is open to all staff and students members of the university and beyond.

For further information, please contact Marton Ribary and Sam Jones:

marton.ribary – at –
samuel.jones-2 – at –


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