HEA New to teaching workshop: Building career foundations 2 Oct 2014, Leicester Conference Centre

This day-long event combines a keynote presentation from former Head of Learning and Teaching Policy at HEFCE, William Locke, on the changing nature of academic careers in higher education, with two 2-hour new-to-teaching sessions.

This event is for anyone who is new to a career in teaching, regardless of their discipline. It will be especially useful for those in teaching-only roles, e.g. teachers engaged in ad hoc delivery, postgraduates and PhD students involved in teaching, and learning support practitioners. It will also provide guidance and advice to anyone who may be seeking initial engagement with the UKPSF at Associate Fellow (AFHEA) and Fellow (FHEA) level.

The first session will build on William Locke’s keynote to support new teachers in acquiring confidence with respect to managing their role, and making the best use of resources for developing and enhancing their contribution to learning and teaching.

The second session will move to a focus on developing participants’ acquaintance with the dimensions of the UKPSF and its use in informing their learning, teaching and assessment activities in ways that reflect considerations of disciplinary needs, subject contexts, diversity of student and effective learning. Participants will explore specific tools and approaches for enhancing and developing practice. In this way participants will gain foundation structures for developing their career towards AFHEA and FHEA.

Subscribers £95, non-subscribers £190.

To book on this event, click on: https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/events-conferences/event8304


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