Helpers for Policy Week needed – Paid positions

The Brooks World Poverty Institute are running a number of events across the University’s Policy Week, week commencing November 3 to 7th. In addition we would love to cover as many events as possible that address important themes to our work.

We seek interested people to help with the following:

Tuesday 4th November 7pm to 9pm Trans Atlantic Trade Investment Partnership

Thursday 6th November: Picture a poverty free city.

Social media lovers: This is an interactive event in partnership with Cities@Manchcester taking place in the spaces between seminars. Researchers will talk for ten minutes about what would  make a poverty free city and illustrations will be drawn in front of an audience to bring their research to life. We would love images, tweets and anything suitable from social media that could showcase this activity as it takes place.

This event would take place four times throughout the day at Nowgen.

Friday 7th November: We would like tweeters and writers for any of the events below.

Friday 7th November 945am Women in Whitehall (Friends House, Manchester)

Friday 7th November 10am Poisoning the world’s poor

Friday 7th November: A seat at the table is not enough: how to achieve gender equality (Friends House, Manchester)

Runners: Can you lend us a hand ? We need people who can escort and herd people, troubleshoot problems, deliver posters, get more tea and generally be on hand for anything our speakers might need. We’ll be there to keep things moving but we always need an extra pair of hands.

Friday 7th November: they spend it all on booze and fags (Friends House, Manchester)

Wwe’d like a runner for this event too.

What’s in it for you? A fantastic chance to get involved in event work, mingle with policy makers, add another thing to your raft of skills and also get some closer involvement with different parts of the University. You also get the warm glow of ensuring that important messages about inequality gets to a wider audience. Each social media assignments attracts a £10 voucher, writing receives a £25 voucher and running £15 as a small token of saying thank you!

If you’re interested, please email by Monday 12th October saying:

  • What sessions you would like to do
  • For social media, a link to your existing twitter account if you’ve got one (don’t worry we won’t get personal!)
  • For writers, a link to something you’ve written
  • For runners, just convince me you don’t mind mucking in!
  • And letting me know if you can attend a briefing session on Friday 17thOctober afternoon



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