CoDE Seminars: Jolanda van der Noll “I accept them, but not their behaviour…” 28th Oct

As part of the CoDE Seminars@CMIST events, which are held on the last Friday of the month, Jolanda van der Noll from FernUniversität in Hagen (Germany) will deliver a talk entitled ‘I accept them, but not their behaviour: Rejection of value-violating behaviour by Muslims and non-Muslims in Belgium’.

Abstract: The current discourse on the acceptance of Islam and Muslims in western societies focuses on the distinction between behaviour and the person; people argue that they do not have a problem with Muslims per se, but rather that they object to certain practices that are at odds with democratic liberal values, such as gender equality and acceptance of homosexuality. In this seminar I will present results of a number of Belgium survey experiments that touch upon this debate. The first study examines pro-sociality and the interplay between ‘Muslimness’ and behaviour. Participants were confronted with a text written either by a Muslim or a non-Muslim actor, in which the actor described intended behaviour – which was either neutral or at odds with participants’ values. We found significant differences in the willingness to help the actor, depending on the behaviour and the religious background of the actor. The second study focuses on the acceptance of discriminating behaviour and the role of ethnicity and the motivational ground for that behaviour. Participants were again confronted with either an in-group member or an ethnic out-group member who violated western norms of non-discrimination. Participants were either told that the behaviour was based on informational beliefs (what was believed to be the factual truth) or on dissenting moral beliefs (what was believed to be morally just). We found significant differences in the acceptance of that behaviour.

All welcome! Light lunch provided.

Starts: 13:00-14:00 28 Oct 2014
Where: 2.07 Humanities Bridgeford Street



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