Teaching for those who can’t – Lauren

Are you a PhD student who teaches? First time teacher? Nervous, tired, or just lost? This reblogged post from Lauren at PhD Life Blog (Warwick University) offers some great advice.

PhD Life

Ahhh, autumn! The leaves are starting to turn golden and the winds are a-blowing, and for us here at Warwick that can only mean one thing – the start of a shiny new academic year! We are well into it now I suppose. Things are already starting to get a little busier on campus after the summer lull, and for a certain fraction of PhD students this can only mean one thing: teaching looms.

I’m going into my third year this year, so I’ve decided not to teach so as to have some time to write my actual thesis (which got rather neglected last year). However, I do remember that this time last year I was absolutely terrified as term approached. I spent the whole of September dreading the moment when I would have to stand in front of a roomful of students and take control. I imagined staring blankly at…

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