PhD Seminars@CMIST – Tuesday 4th November 12pm – HBS 2.07

We would like to invite you to the next PhD Seminar@CMIST to be held on Tuesday 4th November at 12pm in HBS 2.07. This week we have two presenters. Annie Austin will talk on “Hard times: the effects of economic crisis on well-being in the UK”. Dan Silver will present an overview of his thesis, “The politics of poverty and policy evaluation“. Abstracts for both talks are below.

Also attached is the PhD Seminars@CMIST poster with details of all the sessions this semester.  Please pass this information on to anyone interested. All welcome; light refreshments will be available.

Abstracts 4th November

Hard times: the effects of economic crisis on well-being in the UK – Annie Austin

The overall research question of my thesis is ‘What were the impacts of the recent economic crisis on well-being in the UK?’ To address this question, I use the capabilities approach – a theoretical framework designed for the evaluation of multi-dimensional, objective well-being. This presentation will briefly introduce the capabilities approach and outline how I am using it to evaluate the effects of economic crisis on multi-dimensional well-being. The presentation then focuses in on the domain of material security. Using data from the European Social Survey, I use Item Response Theory (IRT) and a Multiple Indicators Multiple Causes (MIMIC) modelling strategy to examine the effects of the economic crisis on people’s capability for material security.

The politics of poverty and policy evaluation – Dan Silver

The aim of the PhD is to develop and test effective methods for assessing the impact of small-scale policy interventions targeted at people living in poverty. The PhD will develop methods and data collection approaches that can ultimately be built into the policy evaluation process. This will include the use of experimental approaches, as well as self-assessment involving working with people who have been the subject of intervention through exploring ‘beyond text’ methods and the potential use of technologies. The PhD will produce valuable evidence for developing methods and for generating debate about the use of different techniques and data for policy evaluation and policy making.


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