Call for papers: CfP – The Political Ecology of Extraction: negotiating livelihoods and landscapes across Latin America

CfP – The Political Ecology of Extraction: negotiating livelihoods and landscapes across Latin America

Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS) 2015 Annual Conference
Aberdeen, April 17th & 18th 2015
Panel organizer: Jessica Hope University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

Rising global demand for primary commodities is driving an aggressive, extractive frontier across Latin America, expanding frontiers of hydrocarbon extraction as well as other forms of mining, the production of biofuels, harvesting timber and agroindustry. The potential impact of this frontier is illustrated by the rapid rise of financial investment in the region – in the early 1990’s Latin America received 12% of global mining investments but by 2009 this had risen to approximately 33%. This frontier is expanding as concerns regarding the growing entanglements between conservation and neoliberalism increase. Simultaneously, a number of Latin America states and social movements have called for transformative change to address the environmental and social impacts of dominant patterns of human consumption. These discourses of extraction, conservation and radical politics meet in competing claims over natural resources, putting intensified pressures on local landscapes and lives and highlighting the need for clearer insights into the political ecology of extraction.

Using theories of neoliberal conservation, post-neoliberalism, indigeneity, autonomy and social movements this panel will examine the political ecology of extraction in Latin America, questioning how it is being encountered, negotiated, opposed or received. We invite papers that address the following questions: How is this extractive frontier impacting local landscapes and livelihoods? How is it being encountered and negotiated by discourses of conservation? How is it entangled with emergent politics of autonomy? How can we best conceptualize this process?

Please follow the link to submit a 300 word abstract by Monday 24th November 2014:


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