Fieldwork bursary fund for SOSS PGRS: Deadline 28th Nov

Please find below information on our next call for applications to our PGR Fieldwork Bursary  fund. The application form is attached.

This information will be posted onto our intranet in the next few days

PGR fieldwork bursary

If you commenced your PhD or MPhil Programme since September 2011 and you are undertaking approved fieldwork you can apply to the School of Social Sciences for a fieldwork bursary.

The bursary is available to help you with the added expenses of fieldwork. Your fieldwork costs must entail a level of cost above and beyond the normal expenses of attending the University as a student. You cannot claim for normal research expenses such as transcription costs/research assistants. The fund will pay up to a maximum of £100 towards the cost of purchasing goods (e.g cameras).

To be eligible to apply for a fieldwork bursary you must:

  • be fully registered on your PhD/MPhil programme of study.
  • have applied to, or be in the process of applying to, all other plausible sources of financial support.
  • be undertaking approved fieldwork normally for a period of not less than one week and not more than twelve months.
  • your application should not be retrospective.

The maximum award payable under this scheme is £3000 to you if you are a PhD student and £1000 to you if you are an MPhil student. Successful applicants can submit more than one claim up to the maximum permitted.

Application Procedure 2014/2015

The deadline for receipt of applications to us is  Friday, 28th November. The next application deadline will be Wednesday, 29th April 2015. A completed Fieldwork Bursary Application Form should be submitted by this date to your Programme Administrator. Applications will be considered by a sub-Committee of the School Postgraduate Research Programmes Committee and you will be informed of the outcome of your application approximately three weeks later.

Payment of bursaries are conditional on

  • you receiving formal approval to undertake the fieldwork
  • you receiving ethical approval to undertake the fieldwork
  • completion, where applicable, of  risk assessments and insurance forms.
  • submission of valid receipts (you should submit your receipts as you receive them, do not wait until your fieldwork has completed).

You will be informed by email of the outcome of your application by Kimberley Hulme, PG Administrator, Postgraduate Office.

Payments are paid directly into your Bank Account via your record on the portal/Campus Solutions. When your award has been approved for payment you can view it when you log onto self-service, choose campus finances and financial aid. It is vital that you have inputted your bank account details onto your record so that payment can be made to you.


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