Politics and equality: last remaining free tickets for 7th Nov event

A seat at the table is not enough: national and international perspectives on gender – 11.30am-1pm, Fri 7th November, Friends Meeting House.

How do we ensure equality in politics and policy making? Do authoritarian measures like quotas and positive actions help or hinder the battle for equality? If women are given a seat at the table is this enough to ensure equality? What happens when the spaces where power is exercised informally are gender-biased, be that the golf club or the House of Lords?   Join us for a lively panel discussion on how gender issues can be addressed in politics, development, and policy making. Featuring Labour Cllr Bev Craig, Lib Dem Daisy Cooper, Georgina Walyen and Patrick Johnson from the University of Manchester and more. Book free tickets at http://www.bit.ly/seattable

The talk builds on research done as part of the Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre – which looks into  the factors shaping women’s political inclusion and policy influence in Bangladesh, Ghana, Uganda and Rwanda. The talk will feature some of the initial findings of the research. Georgina Waylen will be sharing the issues arising from her work looking at women’s inclusion within the constitutional process in South Africa and the peace-building process in Northern Ireland with a particular emphasis on the informal relations and networks shaping outcomes.

Patrick Johnson will be drawing on his experience as Head of Equality within the University, looking at the proportion of women in leadership positions at different levels, university equality policies and what the university is trying to achieve through, for example, positive action initiatives while Daisy Cooper will look at similar issues from within the Liberal Democrat Party and Bev Craig within the Labour Party. Jacqui Gavin brings experience from the civil service, having championed and represented transgender perspectives in policy making.

This event follows the event organised by Danny Fitzgerald at 9:45am Women in Whitehall- the impact of austerity on the representation of women in the senior civil service

For the full policy week listing please visit: http://www.policy.manchester.ac.uk/week/


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