SALC PGR Conference: Get involved!

Dear PhD students,
We are writing concerning an opportunity to be part of a conference’s organising committee.

For the previous two academic years, PGR students in SALC have organised interdisciplinary conferences for the beginning of the academic year. These conferences, ‘Writing Beyond Borders’ in 2013 and ‘Religions, Environments and Popular Culture’ in 2014, aimed to demonstrate the ethos of the Graduate School by being open to all PGRs, from Manchester and beyond, working within the disciplines covered by SALC, broadly defined.

We would like to continue the project begun by these two conferences, with a different team of PGRs within SALC organising a conference for the first week of each new academic year. Our goal is for the conferences to remain interdisciplinary and open to as many researchers as possible, but organised by, and primarily focussed on, a different department each year – ‘Writing Beyond Borders’ was organised by students working within English and American Studies, while ‘Religions, Environments and Popular Culture’ was organised largely by students from Religions and Theology, with additional committee members from English and American Studies.

Being part of a conference’s organising committee is an important addition to an academic CV and an invaluable way to learn organisational skills and to make academic contacts. Since the ‘framework’ for the SALC PGR start-of-year conference already exists, this is an excellent opportunity to gain this experience. Students currently in the first or second year of their PhD would be ideal for organising the next conference, to be held in September 2015. We would particularly welcome expressions of interest from students outside the departments of English and American Studies, or Religions and Theology, so that the department(s) organising the conference can rotate throughout SALC – although this invitation is of course open to all.

If you are interested in helping to organise next year’s start-of-year conference – whether you are a group who would like to organise the conference, or you are an individual who would like to be put in touch with other potential organisers – please email We would suggest that the new committee discuss potential themes of the conference in the coming months in order to apply for artsmethods conference funding in January, and so the new committee would ideally be put together soon. Once you have been in contact by emailing Edmund, we, the previous organisers, can pass on information such as the login details for the SALC PGR Conference email account, and guidance as to organisation of the conference.

We look forward to hearing from you!

On behalf of previous SALC PGR Conference organisers:
Naomi Billingsley
Edmund Chapman
Rosie Edgley
David Firth
Scott Midson
Sarah Newport
Charlie Pemberton
Jonathan Rodgers


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