Homesickness, culture clashes & PhD Life – Anna

No matter where you’re from, everyone gets homesick! A great post from Anna at PhD Life Student Blog, Warwick Uni.

PhD Life

Does anybody else besides me ever get homesick? Is this an international student thing or does it happen to people from other parts of Britain too?

I have been mega-super-ultra-homesick recently. As you may know, I’m from America. Well really I’m from California. Actually no, I’m from San Francisco. (This is very important actually….it is first San Francisco and secondly California that I miss. I don’t really miss America that much per se.) It’s weird because I’ve lived in the UK for a total of nearly 6 years, which is long enough to start thinking of it as ‘home’ in many ways. If I go somewhere else, when I return to Leamington I say I’m going ‘home’ – even if I’ve been in the US. Although I also say I’m going ‘home’ when I’m flying to San Francisco… that’s sort of confusing.

Also, when I’m in America half the people…

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