PhD Seminars@CMIST: Next talk 2nd December 12pm

We would like to invite you to the next PhD Seminar@CMIST to be held on Tuesday 2nd December at 12pm in HBS 2.07.  Next Tuesday we haveGabriella Melis presenting her work on Attitudes in adulthood: assessing change (or stability) in attitudes to authority in the British Cohort Study 1970.  Full abstract is below.

This is the second to last seminar for 2014.  The last PhD Seminar will be held on Tuesday December 16th when Tom Loughran will be presenting his work.  Please pass this information on to anyone interested.  All welcome; light refreshments will be available.

Abstract 2nd December

Attitudes in adulthood: assessing change (or stability) in attitudes to authority in the British Cohort Study 1970 by Gabriella Melis

Individuals’ worldviews, values and attitudes are said to be acquired early in life from the family environment. Nonetheless, little has been said about individual-level mechanisms affecting intergenerational (in)congruence and individual conversion over time. My on-going PhD work aims to assess intergenerational transmission, as well as life course change/stability of attitudes towards authority. The research uses the sweeps in years 1975 (parents), 1996 (cohort members, CMs), 2000 (CMs) and 2012 (CMs) of the British Cohort Study 1970, allowing for the analysis of change at both the intra- and inter-individual level.

At present, and in line with the literature, the results show that parents’ authoritarian attitudes significantly predict their offspring’s attitudes in adulthood. However, the measurement model for the CMs’ attitudes to authority posits analytical challenges when looking at intra-individual change over time; these challenges and potential solutions will be discussed as part of the substantive interpretations of the models proposed.


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