Attn all PhDs: Places available on workshops

Please see below workshops with places still available, click on titles for details and booking information –

Using Visual Methods 26/01/15

Discourse Analysis 02/02/15

Designing a Poster 03/02/15

Planning your Researcher 04/02/15

Using Evidence to Test Theories 09/02/15

Writing Conference Abstracts 10/02/2015

Writing Your Literature Review 10/02/15

Planning your academic career in the Humanities & Social Sciences 11/02/15

Collection Care ‘Do judge a book by its cover’ 16/02/15

Speed Reading and Managing Information for Your Research 17/02/15

Writing Proposals for Fellowships 18/02/15

Attracting an audience, making your mark, and measuring it 24/02/15

Transitioning out of doctoral study 25/02/15

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Training 27/02/15

How to read translated sources 02/03/15

Thesis Submission Briefing 04/03/15


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