Global Political Economy research seminar 28 January, Martín Arboleda, ‘Financialisation of nature, urbanisation of the world’

The first GPE research seminar of 2015 will be Martín Arboleda, on his current PhD research: ‘Financialisation of nature, urbanisation of the world: the sociospatial ramifications of the gold bubble in the Chilean Andes’

It is at 15:30 in the Arthur Lewis Boardroom on Wednesday 28 January. All are welcome. Dr Adrienne Roberts will act as discussant.

Abstract: Although there is an emerging and vibrant body of literature that has been exploring diverse aspects of the financialisation of capitalism in increasingly sophisticated ways, most accounts usually pay insufficient attention to the role of space and place. In a rapidly urbanising world, where vast swathes of the countryside are being enclosed and operationalised on an ongoing basis in order to support the growth of cities, the relationship between finance and land-use change needs to be brought to the forefront. This paper traces some of the internal transformations that have taken place within the transnational mining industry in order to illustrate how financial practices, instruments and institutions at the global level become crucial determinants for the production of unjust urban environments and of shifting frameworks of interaction at the level of the household in mining areas. The paper does this by looking at the case of Pascua Lama, a USD 7.000 million open-cast mine to be developed in Chile by a major mining company in the context of the current global gold rush. Through this case, I show how a set of strategies pursued by financiers and corporate managers thousands of kilometres away from the extraction site, resulted in sclerotic fabrics of urbanisation shaped by socio-ecological plunder, dispossession and geographically uneven financial landscapes.

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