TODAY: devt@man seminar 3rd February Anna McCord 16:30 in HBS G32

You are warmly invited to the first development@manchester seminar this semester, which will take place TODAY;
3rd February at 16:30 in HBS G32 and is jointly organised with ESID Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre.

Dr Anna McCord (DfID and ESID) will present a paper on The ideologies underlying social protection.

Abstract: This seminar will provide an overview of the development of the conceptual framework underlying social protection programming and policy among the key international development institutions. It sets out the historical, institutional and political factors underlying the current debate, and their implications in terms of the extension of social protection provision in the developing world. It aims to draw from the academic literature to illustrate key moments and developments, and to explore the background to the processes of convergence and polarization apparent within the social protection discourse over recent decades. First the seminar addresses the broad question of where we are now and how we got here, reviewing the prominence of social protection in the post-MDG debate, and the tensions between the World Bank Group’s vision of social protection as an instrument to address residual poverty, and the European welfarist vision which underlies the recently endorsed Social Protection Floor initiative as set out in ILO Recommendation 202. It will also provide an overview of the key actors, and a historical view of the development of key institutional perspectives, as well as developing country perspectives. Finally key policy and programming challenges arising will be outlined and some opportunities for joint action in relation to future programme design and policy dialogue identified.

Anna McCord is a sociologist with a PhD in economics, and over 25 years experience working in international development. She is a research economist specialising in social protection programme design and evaluation, with a particular interest in programme impact at household level and the political economy of social protection interventions. Anna has experience in a variety of African and Asian countries and has worked with a range of major donors, governments and non governmental agencies. She is currently an Honorary Research Fellow in ESID, a Research Associate at ODI, and a Research Affiliate at the School of Economics in Cape Town. Anna and has published widely in a variety of media. She has written extensively on social protection, public works and employment.
We are looking forward to seeing you there!


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