CIDRAL Theory Intensive: “H. Marshall McLuhan: The Last Futurist”. Weds 4 March at 2pm

CIDRAL Theory Intensive on McLuhan: H. Marshall McLuhan: The Last Futurist”
with Vincenzo Susca (Paris Descartes Sorbonne University) and Claudia Attimonelli (University of Bari, Aldo Moro)
2-4pm, Wednesday 4 March 2015
Ellen Wilkinson Building C1.18, University of Manchester
Marshall McLuhan, Medium is the Message and Challenge and Collapse: The Nemesis of Creativity in Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1994 [1964]), pp. 7-21 and 62-73
Vincenzo Susca is maître de conférences in Sociology of the Imaginary at the Paul-Valéry University of Montpellier and researcher at the Centre d’étude sur l’actuel et le quotidien at the Paris Descartes Sorbonne University. As a McLuhan Fellow at Toronto University, together with M. Dandrieux, he founded and directed the journal “Les Cahiers Européens de l’Imaginaire” (CNRS éditions, Paris) in 2008. Among his publications: Transpolitica. Nuovi rapporti di potere e di sapere (Milan 2008, São Paulo 2012); Ricreazioni. Galassie dell’immaginario postmoderno (Milan 2008, Paris 2009); Eroi del quotidiano. Figure della serialità televisiva (Milan 2010); Gioia Tragica. Le forme elementari della vita elettronica (Milan 2010, Paris 2011, Barcelona 2012). He curated in collaboration with C. Attimonelli the art show of Madame in Bergamo. He has also co-written, together with Alain Béhar, the transmedia theatrical production Angelus Novissimus (2014), drawing inspiration from McLuhan and Benjamin among others.
Claudia Attimonelli is a researcher in Language Theory and the Science of Signs, she teaches Cinema, Photography and Television at “Aldo Moro” University of Bari and Post Journalism at the Master of Journalism in Bari. Her fields of research are media studies, visual culture, urban styles and music through the perspective of sociosemiotics and sociology of imaginery. She works as a curator for art galleries, clubs and theaters where she coordinates projects and exhibitions; her last curatorial poject was for the art show of Madame in Bergamo, in collaboration with V. Susca. Her most recent publications are: Le désavenir du temps. Le fake, la mort et autres fantòmes (2014); Djing, Fandom, Remix, Sample, Vjing for Treccani ICT (2012); To be continued. I destini del corpo nei serial televisivi, (2011); Underground Zone. Dandy, punk and beautiful people, (2011); L’artista è un eroe mediale (2010); Techno. Ritmi afrofuturisti (2008).

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