Staff Spotlight: Darcey Gillie (Careers Consultant for PGRs)

"There’s no ocean that can’t be crossed to bring you the latest in career management opportunities in PGRs."
“There’s no ocean that can’t be crossed to bring you the latest in career management opportunities for PGRs.”

A Careers Consultant for Postgraduates

The Careers Service isn’t just for people who already know what they want to do or undergraduates. To demonstrate the latter point in particular, I have just arrived at the University of Manchester as the new Careers Consultant for Postgraduates.

Who am I?

My name is Darcey Giilie. My own career can best be described as ‘portfolio’ and based on the planned happenstance career management model. A former international PGR with postdoc experience, I am also a fully qualified secondary teacher, have trained academic staff in teaching and elearning (as well as other aspects of academic practice) – and have held odd jobs ranging from butcher to baker to bookseller (with a bit of cheesemonger-ing on the side in between research contracts). I became a careers consultant because it allowed me to combine all my favourite parts of different jobs into one occupation – working in an HE environment, supporting the development of students and colleagues, teaching, research, being enterprising and creative.

Careers are a lifelong process and yours is happening right now. Our ideal jobs don’t just happen. Even if you know what you want to do, it still takes dedication, planning and hard work to achieve your goals. Sometimes unplanned events (good and not-so-good) intervene, causing us to stop, reflect and make decisions. Fortunately, during your PhD, you are surrounded by myriad people – I am only one of them –and opportunities to support the development of your career.

…and what will I be doing to support you?


  • Facilitating career management workshops for PGRs across the institution – and it was really nice to have met some of you already at the Planning an Academic Career workshop for Humanities on Wednesday, February 11th ;
  • One-to-one guidance and interview simulations;
  • Working with the Postgraduate Careers Manager, Elizabeth Wilkinson, researcher development colleagues and other staff across the university to provide careers and employability support for postgraduates;
  • Blogging and tweeting news and information relevant to postgraduates;
  • Updating our web-based resources for postgraduates;
  • Developing new online careers support for postgraduates;
  • Researching and disseminating information about the postgraduate labour market, career development and employment opportunities.
  • Etc….

And finally…

I am really pleased to be at the University of Manchester working to support your personal and professional development as postgraduate researchers – and I look forward to hopefully meeting many of you over the coming years.


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