engage@liverpool: Doctoral Research Clinics

Doctoral Research Clinics 2015
29th April / 1st May 2015
Venue: The Mezzanine, Vine Court, University of Liverpool

engage@liverpool will be hosting a series of three Doctoral Research Clinics on behalf of Methods North West

Ethics: 29th April, 11:00 – 13:00 Book A Place

Panellists: Andrew Kirton (Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology), Francine Watkins (Public Health), Panayiota Vassilopoulou (Philosophy), Marieke Riethof (LAS/Politics).

Ethics is an increasingly central part of the research process. How should we conceive of and approach ethics?  How do the complex interpersonal and institutional politics of ethics shape what we do?  An interdisciplinary panel of academics with different takes on how best to think about ethics in research offer their experience and discuss their approach.  This clinic will offer you the chance to ask the panel face to face about the ethical challenges in your research. Lunch will be provided after the workshop, at 1pm.


Analysis: 29th April, 14:00 – 16:00 Book A Place

Panellists: Ciara Kierans (Anthropology), Dirk Lindebaum (Management), Andrew Redden (History), Niamh Thornton (Latin American Studies)

Whether theoretical, methodological or empirical, whether focused on detailed particulars or attempting to arrive at more universal conclusions, analysis is one of the defining features of intellectual inquiry. Analysis is the process of working on and so making sense of that which provides us with our focus. It is a practice we must all learn to do well. An expert interdisciplinary panel of academics with different analytical orientations, and familiar with a range of analytical approaches across the qualitative and quantitative divide, will discuss different ways of thinking about analysis and how best to go about it, as well provide advice on problems that arise around analysis. Lunch will be provided before the workshop, at 1pm.


Theory: 1st May, 13:00 – 15:00 Book A Place

Panellists: Michael Mair (Sociology), Nicole Vitellone (Sociology), Will Slocombe (English), Deana Heath (History), Leon Rocha (History)

Theory occupies a central but complex and frequently disputed place within academic disciplines. An expert interdisciplinary panel of academics offered their views and advice on the significance, role and place of theory in inquiry as well as providing advice on theoretical frameworks and theoretical problems. Lunch will be provided before the workshop, at 12pm.


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