Joint Global Political Economy & Gender Research Network seminar 29 April: Prof Georgina Waylen (Manchester) ‘Gendering Global Governance: A Feminist Institutionalist Perspective’

Professor Georgina Waylen will be giving a seminar entitled ‘Gendering Global Governance: A Feminist Institutionalist Perspective’ at 15:30 in the Arthur Lewis Boardroom on Wednesday 29 April. It is a joint event hosted by the Global Political Economy cluster research seminar and the SoSS Gender Research Network. All are welcome to attend.

Title: ‘Gendering Global Governance: A Feminist Institutionalist Perspective’

Abstract: This paper will argue that adopting a feminist institutionalist perspective can improve our understanding of global institutions and global governance and particularly the gender of governance.  It will open up the ‘black box’ of formal and informal institutions; improve existing non gendered analyses of networks and informal governance; and complement existing feminist IPE analyses but not replace them.  The paper is in three main sections.  The first section provides an overview of existing feminist scholarship on global institutions and global governance highlighting the strengths and remaining gaps. It argues that we know quite a lot about the governance of gender, particularly in terms of policy outcomes and ideas/ narratives/ discourses but that we know less about the gender of governance, despite some of the very important strides that have been made recently. The second section outlines the elements of a feminist institutionalist approach that can help us with our analysis of both actors and institutions.  The final section brings the two together and, as part of a new research agenda, begins to outline what a feminist institutionalist analysis of global governance might look like by focusing on two formal (the World Bank and the IMF) and two informal (the G8/20 and the Group of 30) institutions.

Bio: Georgina Waylen came to Manchester on April 1 2012 as Professor of Politics.  Prior to this she was a Professor of Politics at the University of Sheffield and she previously taught at the Universities of Salford and East Anglia.  She has also held visiting positions at Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2005, the University of Witswatersrand, South Africa 2003, and Stanford University, USA 1996.  She is on the editorial board of Politics & Gender, and the ESRC Peer Review College.   She is a co-director of the Feminsm and Institutionalism International Network (FIIN) and a member of the Academy of Social Sciences.  She is currently the PI for a five year European Research Council Advanced Grant ‘Understanding Institutional Change: A Gender Perspective’ (see for more details).

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