PhD Seminar@CMIST 5th May, 12pm – Elisabeth Glass

You are warmly invited to the next PhD Seminar@CMIST on Tuesday 5th May at 12pm in HBS 2.07. Elisabeth Glass will be presenting her work on ‘How does workplace reciprocity relate to mental health in parents and their children?’ Full abstract is below.

Please pass this information on to anyone interested. All welcome; light refreshments will be available.

How does workplace reciprocity relate to mental health in parents and their children?
Elisabeth Garratt

Associations between efforts and rewards at work and mental health outcomes suggest that people are sensitive to workplace equity, and that an imbalance between efforts and rewards damages mental health. Two key theoretical models, the Effort-Reward Imbalance model, and the Status Incongruence model, state that mismatches between status measures, in particular being under-rewarded for efforts, are associated with poor mental health. However, past research has not examined the impact of parents’ workplace inequity on their children’s mental health, despite the known relevance of parents’ working conditions to their children’s outcomes. The high level of parental participation in the UK workforce makes this an important consideration.

This paper uses data from the Millennium Cohort Study to examine whether parents’ workplace reciprocity is associated with children’s behavioural problems. Multilevel growth curve models were used to examine longitudinal associations between under- and overpayment for occupation and education in parents and behavioural problems in their children.


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