Networking Opportunity for UoM Researchers: Multiscale Modelling Club Mgt, 12th May

Multiscale Modelling Club Meeting
Networking Opportunity for Researchers at UoM

When? 12th May 2015
Time? 2pm
Where? G13D Sackville Street Building

The aim of the Multiscale Modelling club is to bring together a cross-disciplinary community of researchers at Manchester whose research covers multiple time and length scales. Researchers may be working in any discipline. They may be using one or more of the following research paradigms: theory, experiment, simulation and data mining.

Dr Luis Saucedo-Mora presents ‘A novel numerical technique that links material damage at the meso-scale to stress-strain response in the macro-scale.’ This seminar will introduce some novel methodologies to evaluate the integrity of a structure, from analytical to numerical models, remarking the importance of the microstructure of the material in this process and the capabilities and limitations of each approach. We cannot understand a structure without its material. For this reason, the structural integrity needs to be ensured through a multi-scale model that can deal efficiently with the modelling of the whole structure and the microstructural properties that describes the different phases of the material, where the damage initiates. In this seminar, the multi-scale fracture model FEMME (Finite Element Microstructural adaptive MEshfree) will be presented. This model, without predefined crack paths or damage regions, inserts the microstructure of the material locally to enrich the damage zones of a coarse FE mesh that represents the full-scale model. With this, the method can reproduce the fracture behaviour of the structure with a computational cost of 2 orders of magnitude lower than a FEM with the same level of detail. The model has been applied successfully to materials such as graphite, concrete, thermal barrier coatings or composites with brittle constituents, and can reproduce complex processes of fracture such as discontinuous cracking, coalescence or self-healing.

Coffee will be served at 3pm and there will be time for networking after the Seminar.This event is open to researchers from all Faculties at the University of Manchester and this will be an excellent networking opportunity.

Please click here to register for this event.


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