Upcoming workshop: “Working with your supervisor” – 13th May 1:30-4pm

Your student reps and colleagues in the school have working with the Researcher Development Team to organise a session for you on “Working with your Supervisor”. I’m very pleased to tell you that this has now been scheduled and will take place on Wednesday 13/05/2015 13:30 – 16:00, Roscoe 3.9. The workshop is booked via this link – http://app.manchester.ac.uk/HUMNS8790.

The workshop will be led by Dr Pete Mann. A former member of staff at the University, Pete has supervised hundreds of Masters and PhD students from around the world. Now an independent learning facilitator, he leads popular PGR workshops offered by Humanities Faculty Researcher Development and Methods@Manchester. He acts as an action learning set-advisor to professional doctoral students at the University and he supports the transition of DBAs into academia at Salford University and the University of Reading at Henley Business School.

Students who have attended this course in the past have recommended it to others.

The relationship between PhD students and their supervisors is at the heart of the doctoral process and working closely with an established academic is an invaluable opportunity to develop your own academic practice. Nevertheless any working relationship between two people is only at its best when both have a clear idea what they can expect from each other. Students often have questions about what they can approach their supervisors with or how best to respond to their advice.
For example, do you ever leave supervisory sessions feeling . . .
‘My Supervisors certainly know what they’re talking about. But that doesn’t help me know it . . .’
Or . . .
‘I thought this was my PhD. How can I get my Supervisor to stop taking over . . .?’
Or . . .
‘What will it take for my Supervisor to get it: I’m NOT in this to become an academic like her . . .’
Do you know what you need now and how to express it? Essential if you’re expecting another person’s help to feel helpful. What will it take for you to get the kind of supervisory relationship that meets your requirements? And which also, by the way, can build the skills you’ll need later in life for working relationships with all kinds of other people.
This workshop is part of the Faculty’s Researcher Development initiative to build researching communities progressively (among PGRs making progress!). The workshop has two objectives:
1. To sharpen your approach to obtain satisfying supervision. The starting point is focusing on your changing your behaviour to get a change in the behaviour of the other person.
2. To reinforce your efforts and skills in changing your supervisory relationship. The starting point is that improvements in key relationships take time, thus further support from Researcher Development is detailed at the workshop.
Prerequisite -In order for us to tailor the workshop to your needs, after registering please go to the following https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VQR9XLF and answer the question. This is anonymous.


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