Manchester Global Political Economy annual lecture: Philip G. Cerny, ‘Antinomies of Globalisation’

This year’s GPE annual lecture will be delivered by Professor Phil Cerny on the ‘Antinomies of Globalisation’. It will be on 3 June 2015 from 3:30pm in Crawford House Lecture theatre 2. 

All welcome!

Abstract: Globalisation is widely perceived to be a structurally homogenizing process, leading to “diversity within convergence.” Dimensions of homogenisation are said to include economic globalisation, the ideological hegemony of neoliberalism, socio-cultural convergence (the “global village”), technological innovation and change, liberal internationalism and global governance, and the emergence of what Thomas Friedman called a “flat” world. However, all of these developments are challenged by tensions and contradictions on intersecting and overlapping levels — what is called “functional differentiation”, “multiscalarity”, “fragmegration” (Rosenau) and disparate “landscapes” — leading to the crystallisation of crosscutting and intersecting webs of power and the possibility of multiple equilibria. This talk summarises some of these structural challenges facing the homogenisation model in a range of issue-areas including security, finance, ideology, climate change and the like on rapidly evolving levels, and argues that globalisation is increasingly a new variation on what Keohane and Nye (1977) called “complex interdependence” — characterized by a range of divergent and often conflicting structuration processes, or “antinomies”, top down, bottom up, and in the “fragile middle.” These heterogeneous trends are reshaping an increasingly globalising world in unpredictable ways, and outcomes will depend on how strategically situated actors shape a range of political, social and economic processes through competition, conflict, and coalition-building. Some potential scenarios are canvassed, and an agenda for future research is outlined.

Click this link for a copy of the poster: GPERC Cerny


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