SH SCI Seminar 24 June: “The sociogenesis of climate change and finitudes of earth’s resources: The China-Brazil connection

The Sociogenesis of Climate Change & Finitudes of Earth’s Resources: the China-Brazil connection

Date: 24th June, 4-5:30pm, Harold Hankins Building, Room 10.5

ABSTRACT: This seminar presents the core ideas of Mark Harvey’s current ESRC Professional Fellowship Research on the food-energy climate change trilemma. The concept of the sociogenesis of climate change will be elaborated in terms of how different political economics interact with their own environmental resource constraints of land, water and energy. The emerging geopolitical dynamic between Brazil and China serves to illustrate the necessity for social science to analyse such interactions as a major source of historical and societal variation.

These countries’ distinctive political regimes with different developmental trajectories are significantly conditioned by sharply contrasting environmental resources of land, water, solar and fossil energy. Developing his neo-Polanyian approach the argument will be made for a social science understanding of ‘the shifting place of the economy in nature’ in the political shaping of economies manifest in the sociogenesis of and responses to, climate change.

Click this link for a copy of the event flyer: SH SCI Seminar 24 June 2015


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