Call for presenters: Postgraduate Lunchtime Seminars

Dear SALC postgraduates!

Attending a conference?

Delivering a lecture?

Need some practice?

Throughout semester one of this academic year, we will be running a lunchtime postgraduate seminar.  Taught and research postgraduate students will be able to present either a short (20-minute) conference-style presentation or a full-length (50 minute) lecture designed to be given to undergraduates of other teaching.  You’ll have a chance to practice your lines, sharpen your style, and get useful feedback from peers on content and delivery.

Seminars will be held at 1.30-2.30pm on Wednesdays in Ellen Wilkinson, seminar room 2.  Proposals for this semester’s seminars should be submitted to Mary Farrelly ( and Alistair Dickins ( Deadline for submissions is Friday 9 October. Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Title of paper (no abstract required J)
  • Length of paper
  • Academic department/discipline/division
  • Dates/weeks you are able to present (please see spreadsheet attached for full list of dates available)

All papers will be considered, any queries welcome!

Alistair and Mary.


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