Attn SEED PhD Students: Apply for SEED’s Big Block of Socially Responsible Cheese Day

What could you do to make a difference?

In 1837, President Andrew Jackson opened the White House doors to any citizens to discuss their concerns and ideas directly with him. The event continued until all 1400lbs of a big block of cheese had been eaten by the visitors. 178 years later, SEED is doing the same.

In fromage to Jackson, our big block of cheese is a pot of funding.  SEED will share the ‘cheese’ until it has all gone to fund ideas that will have positive impact.  You can bid for 50p up to £2,000 to make your idea happen.  We are inviting gouda ideas from all students, staff and alumni of the School of Environment, Education and Development.

To brie involved, all you need to do is tweet your idea summary to #BBOC. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to make a 3 minute pitch on 10 November 2015 (videoed pitches also accepted).

Full details and guidelines are available at or for further info, email me or Emma Carter-Brown


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