Inequality, Labour Markets and Wellbeing: symposium Oct. 23

Friday, Oct. 23, 2015, from     1.30-5 pm

A symposium on social inequality, labour markets and wellbeing

The Cathy Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMIST), University of Manchester
Organisers: Professors Yaojun Li and Wendy Olsen

We have a range of exciting presenters from USA, UK and India!  See facebook

Many of the developed and developing countries are witnessing an increasing social inequality, especially in the wake of the great recession that started in 2008. The deepening social divisions affect our objective and subjective life experience as well as our community cohesion. The Social Mobility and Labour Market research stream at the Cathie Marsh Institute of Manchester University is holding a symposium to discuss the determinants, manifestations and consequences of this inequality with leading academics from the UK, the USA and India to give presentations. The symposium will focus on structural effects such as class, gender, ethnicity on wellbeing and social cohesion in diverse societies such as the UK, USA, and India. All presentations aim to be substantively driven and methodologically rigorous, with both academic and policy implications.

Programme  (Part funded by the British Academy, part funded by the Social Mobility & Labour Markets Research Group, CMIST).
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Professor Yaojun Li, University of Manchester, UK, ‘Class, social capital and subjective wellbeing in the UK’
2:00 Professor Chaeyoon Lim, University of Wisconsin, USA, ‘Out of the labour force, out of civic life: Labour market transitions and civic participation in the US 2002-2014’
2:30 Dr James Laurence, University of Manchester, UK, ‘When Numbers Count: Community Ethnic Composition, Prejudice, and the Moderating Role of Inter-Ethnic Segregation for the Contact and Threat Hypotheses’

3:00 Coffee break

3:30 Professor Wendy Olsen, University of Manchester, UK, ‘Gender Norms in India and Bangladesh:  Changing Scene’
4:00 Professors Supriya Garikipati and Pesala Bhushan, University of Liverpool, UK, ‘Women “Walking the Plank”: Paid Work, Tied Work and House Work in Rural South India’
4:30 Professor Amaresh Dubey, Jawahalal Nehru University, India, “Women’s Labour Force Participation in India – Complex Inequalities”
5:00 Finish

Time:  Lunch 12:30pm; Symposium 1:30 – 5:00pm on 23rd Oct. 2015.
Venue:  Whitworth Building, Council Chamber, Oxford Road, Manchester.

(Building Number 51 on the linked map
No registration is required.


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