Himalayan Seminar Evening- Thurs 12th Nov

Please see the attached poster and the abstract below for information on ‘Understanding the Himalayan Landscape’ seminar evening on Thursday 12thNovember.

With altitudes reaching over 7500m, Ladakh in the Indian Himalaya is a landscape of extremes – the local adage is that as your shoulders burn your toes can get frost bite.  Whilst the unique climatic conditions have always constructed a very specific Ladakhi way of life, climatic and anthropogenic change have further challenged the delicately balanced existence.  Geographers and Geologists from the University of Manchester have just returned from a two week expedition in the Indian Himalaya with 15 students as a third year interdisciplinary module.  This friendly seminar explores the unique geology and geomorphology that constructs the particular landscape of the Indian Himalaya and uses our field research to discuss how that landscape is being put under increasing pressure challenging traditional ways of living, or indeed surviving, amidst the spectacular peaks.  Drs. Jason Dortch, John Nudds and Jennifer O’Brien will deliver the seminar supported by PhD researcher Danielle Alderson.  Our returning students will also share their experiences of the epic adventure.

There will be a drinks reception on arrival at the Humanities Bridgeford Street Building at 5.30pm and the seminar will start at 6pm.

The event will end at 7.30pm with opportunities to continue the discussion over a drink until 8pm.

Tickets are £8 or £5 for students. Any profits from the event will offset next year’s expedition.

A raffle will take place during the event.

Tickets can be bought here:



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