NWDTC interdisciplinary PhD conference on Im/mobile youth – 30th Nov

Im/mobile Youth: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Spatial and Temporal Change in Young People’s Lives

An Interdisciplinary North West Doctoral Training Centre PhD conference to be held at the University of Manchester on 1st April 2016

The importance of mobility has been recognised within the social sciences, leading Sheller and Urry (2006:207) to contend that a “new mobilities paradigm” has been formed. A small but growing number of authors have engaged with the mobilities turn to consider children and young people’s mobility, such as Skelton and Gough’s (2013) special issue regarding ‘Young People’s Im/Mobile Urban Geographies’. Following the lead of this work, this conference will engage with work in the “new interdisciplinary mobilities paradigm” (Hannam and Butler, 2012:127) to deliver interdisciplinary perspectives on how young people experience im/mobilities, in a spatial, temporal and social sense.

We invite abstracts for presentations that reflect on how an interdisciplinary approach has benefited your research on young people’s mobilities, both conceptually and methodologically. Presentations may address a range of themes and research topics, including but not limited to:

  • Young people’s transitions to adulthood
  • Young people’s social mobility
  • Young people’s negotiation of their spatial ranges
  • Street-connected young people
  • Immobile young people
  • Young people’s use of mobile media
  • Innovative mobile methods

Please submit abstracts of no more than 300 words to immobileyouth@gmail.com by 30th November 2015. Presentations should be in the region of 15 minutes.

Notice of acceptance: 11th December 2015

Enquiries can also be emailed to Samantha Wilkinson and Laura Fenton at immobileyouth@gmail.com.


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