Data, data everywhere invitation: Whitworth Art Gallery 20 Nov 2015

The University of Manchester’s Q-Step Centre is holding a celebration event for our summer 2015 Q-Step cohort on the afternoon of 20th November, in the Whitworth Art Gallery.

We should very much like you to join us, to hear from our undergraduate students, employers and others about the value of paid internships.

The booking page is here with the programme outline below.

The Draft programme is:

1.00-1.30: Set-Up

1.30-1.40: Introduction by Dr Jackie Carter, Co-Director of Q-Step and Q-Step Internships Lead

1.40-2.00: Presentation by Dr Paul Redmond, Director of Student Life at University of Manchester

2.00-3.00: Student and Employers’ Roundtable -‘What Did You Do This Summer?’ Chair: Professor Francesca Gains

3.00-4.00: Afternoon Tea and Speed-dating with Q-Step Student Posters

4.00-5.00: Developing Socially Responsible Graduates: Dr Julian Skyrme (Director for Social Responsibility University of Manchester), Ed Cox (Reason Digital), and others TBC.


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