One-day Shut Up and Write Event, Fri 20th Nov

Think you can write 5000 words in a day? 
This is a one-day Shut Up and Write Boot Camp event that will provide the space and time to write, with lunch, coffee, and some yoga/meditation break in the afternoon to keep the motivation high!
Date: Friday 20th Nov
Time: 9:30am – 3:30pm
Audience: Ideally 2nd year and above. 1st years can apply, but they may find it more useful to wait until they’ve completed a substantial portion of their reading preparation, then consider taking part next semester.
Equipment: Laptop (extension cords will be provided)
This event is designed to help you write as many words as possible for your thesis! Therefore, this event should not be used to write conference presentations or to do further reading or analyse data. Please note there will be NO academic writing support or input.
This event requires you to come prepared. You are free to bring any notes and/or necessary literature.
It is a full day event and by signing up you agree to commit to being present for the whole event. If you don’t think you can stay the whole day, then please reconsider your booking. 
There will be other one-day SUAW events in addition to our weekly/monthly ones scheduled throughout the year so there’s loads of other opportunities to get involved!

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