AMES Research seminar: Tuesday 10th November 5pm-6pm

Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies Research Seminar
Tuesday 10th November 2015
5.00- 6.00pm
The Aesthetics of Death and the Poetics of Rituals in Shia Lamentation Poetry 
Dr. Yafa Shenneik (University of South Wales)
Simon Building _LECTURE ROOM 3 (3.40).
Brunswick Street, Manchester, M13 9PL
All welcome
For more information, contact Prof. Zahia Smail-Salhi (
Yafa Shanneik is Lecturer in Religious Studies at University of South Wales. Her research focuses on Sunni and Shia women in Europe and their transnational networks to the Middle East. She has a particular interest in Muslim women’s leadership and authority in private and public spheres and examines the changing nature of women’s participation in religious practices in Europe as well as in the Middle East. She also works on religious conversion and focuses on women’s narratives of identity and belonging. She has published several articles on gender and Islam and migrant identities in Europe such as: ‘Remembering Karbala in the Diaspora: Religious Rituals among Iraqi Shii Women in Ireland’ (Religion, 45(1), 2015, 89-102) and ‘Religion and Diasporic Dwelling: Algerian Muslim Women in Ireland’ (Religion and Gender, 2(1), 2012, 80-100)



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