CIDRAL Workshop: Women, Religion and Violence – 4th Dec, 3-5pm

On December 4th CIDRAL will be hosting a workshop and film screening under the title Women, Religion and Violence

The day will be made up of a workshop from 3-5pm and a film screening from 5-7pm (Both in University Place 5.206).

Please register for your attendance at the workshop with Dr. Erica Baffelli (

This workshop will provide interdisciplinary perspectives on women’s participation in violent political movements. With multi sited research queries and myriad methodological perspectives, the four participants will chronicle the experiences of a range of female combatants, from leaders, foot soldiers, foreign fighters to suicide bombers, and show how the mobilization of women into militancy, terrorism and nationalist activism impacts the nature and culture of local and global ideologies on war and conflict. Drawing from historical, ethnographic and visual studies, the workshop will debate the ways in which women’s roles as aggressive perpetrators of violence challenges conventional notions of gendered victimologies sustained within feminist discourses on women in conflict.

Participants: Dr. Miranda Alison (University of Warwick) Professor Zahia Smail Salhi (University of Manchester) Dr. Atreyee Sen (Copenhagen University) Dr. Erica Baffelli (University of Manchester)

Film screening: Tell Your Tale Little Bird (Ihki ya ‘Assfourah) Director: Arab Lotfi (Lebanese-Egyptian filmmaker) Year: 2007 Duration: 90 min.

Synopsis: “In this documentary film, filmmaker Arab Lotfi interviews seven Palestinian women freedom fighters who participated in the armed struggle against Israel after the 1967 war. This unique film introduces the experiences of these women from their point of view after many years of involvement in political activism. In it, the women tell their stories about living under the Israeli occupation, why they believed in armed resistance, and how they tried to rebuild their lives after being jailed, raped and tortured in Israeli prisons”.

A discussion after the film screening will be facilitated by Dr. Dalia Said Mostafa (University of Manchester)



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