Open Minds Philosophy Conference: 4th-5th Dec

Limited space remaining for registrations for our eleventh Open Minds Philosophy Conference taking place at the University of Manchester on 4-5 December. After a very successful decade as a conference for PhD students (and recently awarded PhDs), we are expanding the format this year to include high-quality papers from undergraduate and master’s students.


Dr. Fiona Woollard (Southampton): ‘Asking Too Much:  What is the Demandingness Objection?’

The Demandingness Objection states that a moral theory or principle is too demanding: it asks too much of us. I respond to a family of criticisms to The Demandingness Objection which claim that our judgements about when a theory or principle counts as demanding make illegitimate distinctions between different types of cost.

Dr. David Liggins (Manchester):   ‘Nihilism About Truth’

I introduce a new account of truth, called ‘alethic nihilism’. Alethic nihilism is modelled on theories in other areas of philosophy, such as the theory that there are no abstract objects, and the theory that nothing is morally obligatory. Alethic nihilism is the theory that there are no truths: in other words, nothing is true. So, according to alethic nihilism, it is not true that snow is white; and according to alethic nihilism, alethic nihilism is not true. In this talk I argue that alethic nihilism should be taken seriously: the obvious objections to it fail and the theory has significant advantages.


Please email to register your attendance for the conference. No later than the 29th November

In the subject line please write “Registration request” (sans quotes). Please provide your name, institutional affiliation, and any dietary requirements.

Attendees are welcome to join the speakers for the conference dinner on the Friday evening, at their own expense, so please tell us if you plan to do so (we will be dining at the Royal Northern College of Music). Lunch and refreshments will be provided free of charge for all who register.

Room: 2.016/2017 (Boardroom) Arthur Lewis Building

Time: 9.30-5 (both days)

Date: 4th and 5th December


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