Apply to be a Hall Tutor

December/early January in a number of halls of residence. RPAs live in the hall and accommodation is provided free of charge. RPAs living in catered halls are expected to pay a charge to cover the meals.

If you wish to apply please send a cover letter and CV to Mark Hibbert ( no later than Monday 7th December 2015.

Overall Purpose of the Role: Under the guidance of the Warden and Senior Warden, to participate and cooperate within a Pastoral team in providing support for residential students in hall, both individually and collectively, so that they are able to benefit from the experience of communal living, integrate into the University community and are given a supported conducive environment away from the Schools in which to study. This support is integrated into the over-arching University Student Support structure, which aims to provide the best possible Student Experience.

Key Responsibilities

To support the effective facilitation for residential-student pastoral care in the Hall through maintaining awareness of day-to-day issues and, where appropriate, liaising with Pastoral colleagues and the Warden in providing initial support and guidance to students in matters of an academic, financial, practical and emotional nature
Wardens and RPAs are NOT to provide Medical/Counselling services(even if qualified), but instead should refer individuals to the appropriate professional services within and outside of the University as appropriate, and should gain advice/guidance themselves in how this should be provided, in liaison with the Senior Warden

  • To support and participate in a proactive and integrated approach amongst the Pastoral team and the Residents Association, for enriching the student experience in halls, encouraging collegiality, fostering healthy social and sporting activity and growing individuals? awareness of regard and respect for co-habitants and those who interact with residents.
  • To support the Warden and Pastoral colleagues in ensuring that Health & Safety, Security,Fire Evacuation and Building Emergency procedures are promoted and continuously monitored and managed throughout the Hall
    In liaison with the Warden and Pastoral colleagues to assist with monitoring and maintaining the University?s policy on expected standards conduct and discipline amongst the residential students within the hall
  • To be ?On call? as the ?Duty RPA?, on a rota basis covering both term-time and vacation periods; it is expected that the Duty RPA will be located in/around the hall at these times
    During vacation periods, to offer support and guidance to student residents and conference guests
  • To support the Duty RPA as a Pastoral colleague when on site and when required
  • To attend and participate in regular Hall meetings for the RPA team, when effective communication may be maintained and the team harmony and cohesion benefited
  • To inform the Warden and, as appropriate, Pastoral colleagues of ?issues? around the hall which impact on/affect Pastoral care
  • To act/react to ?incidents? around the hall, without placing him/herself and others at risk, liaising appropriately with the warden and Pastoral colleagues for support, and recording such incidents via the appropriate method
  • To seek feedback and advice from the Warden as necessary, in ensuring that the best level of Pastoral service is maintained
  • To participate in Induction, Training and Development, which is given to RPAs, and to demonstrate a willingness to learn and develop – in support of enabling duties to be carried out to the highest standard, in line with University and halls policies
  • To take part in and attend Hall Registration, ?Open Days? and similar events, as required
  • To undertake Pastoral Care for specific students to whom he/she may be assigned to whom they are expected to make themselves known and to meet with them at least once a month.
  • To treat all personal/student matters as ?confidential? and to only refer (to) them accordingly and appropriately to the Warden and members of the Pastoral team

Essential Attributes and Requirements

  • Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check in St Gabriel?s, St Anselm?s and Canterbury Court.
  • A current postgraduate student or member of staff
  • Awareness of University Health & Safety, Security, Fire and Emergency procedures
  • Awareness of University?s policies affecting Student Discipline and Conduct
  • Good communication skills and evidence of working effectively/constructively with others
  • An understanding of ?healthy? residential student life ? covering pastoral approach to engendering social and interpersonal development
  • Evidence of accepting individual accountability and effective use of initiative
  • Interpersonal skills

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