The Everyday Life of Politics/The Politics of Everyday Life – 25th Jan 10am-1pm

The Everyday Life of Politics/The Politics of Everyday Life

25th January, 10-1pm, Arthur Lewis Board Room

New political subjectivities and movements emerge from the everyday, through experiences of injustice, quotidian modes of resistance, and the development of oppositional identities. Protest also takes place in the context of daily life, subject to relational, temporal and spatial demands of employment and families, mundane practice and urban organisation. Social movements affect everyday life itself, their outcomes shifting relations in the home (modes of interaction and care, divisions of labour), in the transformation of institutions by legislation and changing attitudes, and in broader experiences of recognition and citizenship.

This morning event brings together colleagues from the Morgan Centre for the Study of Everyday Lives with members of movements@manchester for presentations, discussion and an opening up of questions across sub-disciplines.

Wendy Bottero
Class subjectivities and everyday critique

Brian Heaphy
Life Crises: Resources and The Politics of Radical Social Change

Petra Nordqvist:
On infertility, genetic donation and ‘real’ mums and dads: Politics of intimate lives

Luke Yates
Social movements and the politics of everyday life

Jointly organised across the Morgan Centre, Movements@Manchester and the Sociology department. Attendance is free but space is limited, please book here:

Enquiries to


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