CfP: Changing regulatory philosophies since the financial crisis

About us

We are the Interdisciplinary Study of Commerce Reading Group (ISC Reading Group). The group was founded by a group of postgraduate research students at the University of Manchester in November 2015. We aim to support interdisciplinary research in commerce, finance, consumers, and business. Bringing together students from different fields of study has allowed us to create a forum in which members’ research is discussed extensively. These fields include law, politics, business, finance, arts, and sociology with the intention to expand further. With this aim in mind, we will be holding a conference in October 2016 with presented papers to be published in December 2016. This is a call for abstracts for this conference and the first issue of our Interdisciplinary Review of Commerce.


The theme of the conference will be as follows: ‘Changing regulatory philosophies since the financial crisis’. There will be 8 presentations as well as a keynote speaker (to be announced in due course). All 8 presenters will be chosen on the basis of the submitted abstracts. The 8 presentations will be split into four sections, namely commerce, finance, consumers, and business. The journal will follow the same structure. Presentation lengths will be confirmed to chosen presenters. The conference will be held at the University of Manchester.

Interdisciplinary Review of Commerce

All conference papers will be published in December 2016 in the first issue of our Interdisciplinary Review of Commerce. First drafts of all papers are to be submitted prior to the conference in October 2016, with final drafts to be submitted for review in November 2016. Exact dates will be announced shortly. The journal is reviewed by a group of editors all of whom are postgraduate research students on the ISC Reading Group’s committee. We also have extensive support from the academic community of the University of Manchester.

The word limit for final drafts of papers is 10,000 words. All papers should be appropriately referenced. Authors may suggest a preferred journal section for their paper, but the ultimate decision lies with the editors. The sections are briefly outlined below.


Commerce: This section concerns itself with commerce in the sense of trade, buying and selling of goods etc.

Finance: This section covers the banking and finance industry, including banking regulation, financing issues, capital markets, securities etc.

Consumers: This section considers any issues of direct relevance to consumer research, such as questions of consumer protection, effects of commercial issues on consumers, consumers’ understanding of commercial issues etc.

Business: This section encompasses various issues affecting businesses, e.g. business structures, corporate governance research, company law, management etc.


Postgraduate research students from a range of disciplines with research in commerce, finance, consumers, or business are eligible to submit abstracts. Co- authorship with supervisors is encouraged, but not a requirement. Prior publications are not required.

Responsibilities of authors

The primary responsibilities of authors of chosen abstracts include presentation of the paper at the conference, submission of a first draft prior to the conference, and submission of a final draft one month after the conference. All deadlines are to be finalised.

The following responsibilities are only applicable if co-authorship is chosen:
• The presenting author is to be the postgraduate research student;
• The student should get the appropriate authority from the co-author to

present the paper and answer any questions related to it;
• The student is responsible for all communications with the co-author.

General guidelines

The abstract should provide a comprehensive overview of the paper. This should include, but is not limited to: a title, questions to be answered, methodologies, outline of the argument and any conclusions, and a breakdown of the structure of the paper.

Abstract review and selection process

The abstracts will be reviewed by the ISC Reading Group committee. The selected authors will be notified by email no later than 1 April 2016. All selections will be made on merit. Lack of co-authorship will not put abstracts at a disadvantage.


Abstract submission policies

The abstract should be submitted in a Word or PDF file of no more than 500 words. The following details are required: the author’s name (and co-author’s name if applicable), the author’s university, discipline (e.g. law, economics, politics etc.), and year of study.

How to submit an abstract
All abstracts are to be submitted via email no later than 18 March 2016. They

should be emailed to

Contact information

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the submission process, the conference, the journal, or the ISC Reading Group. The email address is: You may also visit our website for more information on the ISC Reading Group’s activities at:


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