Bogdanow Lectures in Holocaust Studies 2016 schedule

The Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester is delighted to announce that the second series of Bogdanow Lectures in Holocaust Studies will be given by Prof. Michael Marrus (University of Toronto) on the topic of “Lessons of the Holocaust”.

Mon 15 Feb. 5.15pm. Lecture 1. My Problem with Lessons A101 Samuel Alexander Building

Mon 15 Feb. 7.00pm. Kosher buffet. North Foyer, Samuel Alexander Building

Tue 16 Feb. 5.15pm. Lecture 2. Why I Prefer History A101 Samuel Alexander Building

Tue 16 Feb. 2-4pm. Masterclass: Reflections on Teaching Holocaust History and Other Topics. Ellen Wilkinson B2.4 (resticted to staff and students)

Abstract: These two lectures will examine the “lessons” that Jews and non-Jews are expected to draw from the catastrophe of modern Jewry in the twentieth century – what we have come to call the Holocaust. The issue of “lessons” is much more problematic than appears to the public at large.  Contested territory even during the events themselves, claims about such lessons link with debates about Jewish collective memory, human rights, historical understanding, and the quest for justice. In these lectures, Michael Marrus will explore this issue, drawing on his new book The Lessons of the Holocaust (University of Toronto Press). Marrus challenges the popular expectation that Holocaust history can teach us formulaic lessons, examining difficult questions this field poses for those who claim to draw upon the past for direction in the present.

The event is open to the public; there is no need to book a place.

Further information:


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