Race and Ethnicity study group: Next session 9th March

The University of Manchester’s Race and Ethnicity study group is a student led initiative aimed at exploring issues of race and ethnicity on campus, within academic research and practise. Cross-disciplinary, interdepartmental and wide reaching this network of post-grad students’ aim to draw attention to the way race and ethnicity are understood both theoretically in academia, as well as recognising the role ‘ethnicity’ and ‘race’ play in everyday instances. Employing a fluid approach, the study group aims to provide a congenial, informative and welcoming atmosphere in order to foster, encourage and facilitate lively debate and discussion. Through the use of short films, set readings and presentations the group welcomes post-grads, undergrads, academics and early career researchers to critically engage with and reflect on the nature of ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity’ both as a discourse, within their academic work and as an everyday lived practise in public institutions.

Above all, the study group hopes to develop in ways that prove a counterbalance to the rigidities of academia hierarchy by providing an atmosphere which is conducive to open, frank and direct discussion.
Sessions will take place on the Wednesday of every month between 12-1pm , feel free to bring along your own lunch, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Upcoming sessions:
* 9th Mar, Uni Place, Room 5.210
* 13th Apr, Uni Place, Room 5.210
* 11th May, Uni Place, Room 5.210
* 8th June, Uni Place, Room 5.210


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