Shut Up and Write

Our new logo, adapted with permission from @LauraPasquini

For our 2015-16 programme we will be hosting monthly Shut Up and Write sessions! These will take place every first Wednesday of the month unless otherwise stated. If you are a University of Manchester PGR student then please check the training catalog (e.g. My Manchester) for venue and times. For others who would like to join us please contact Dr. Eljee Javier.

If you’re not familiar with Shut Up and Write, it’s essentially an informal event which researchers come together for a set amount of time and write.

During this time there is no talking, no internet, no reading…just writing.

However it’s sometimes hard to just sit down and write for a long period of time. Our sessions are highly structured and are run using the Pomodoro technique in which we write for 25 minutes at a time. We have scheduled breaks in-between writing sessions (often with free snacks) to keep you motivated.

Shut Up and Write is a good opportunity to schedule time dedicated to writing. If you feeling a little isolated or if you could use a change of scenery then join us! For more information and to access some useful resource please visit ProGRess@Humanities  (University of Manchester login required).

EVENTS for 2015-16 (from October – June)

Monthly SUAW: Every first Wednesday of the month, from 1pm-3pm, Roscoe Building 3.9. Please sign up via ProGRess

Local SUAW events: Currently the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures runs a weekly SUAW event. The meet Mondays, 1pm-3pm at Ellen Wilkinson Building, C3.21. Visit their Facebook Page for updates!


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